Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Valverde

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Valverde

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Physics graduate at the University of Granada (1992-1997, UGR). PhD thesis “Interfacial characterization of the adhesion of industrial emulsions” (1998-2002, UGR). Torres Quevedo researcher at Laboratoire du Pôle d’Émulsions of EUROVIA-France (2003-2005) and post-doc fellow at the University of Trento-Italy (2005-2006). “Ramón y Cajal” Fellow in the Applied Physics Department (2006-2011, UGR). Lecturer (2011-2015, UGR). Associate professor (2015-, UGR).

My research topics are Contact angle hysteresis, Emulsions for waterproofing and road paving, Self-assembly of nanoparticles at three-phase contact lines and liquid-fluid interfaces and Bioadhesive surfaces. Since 2002, researcher of 11 industrial contracts (art. 11/45 LRU - 68/83 LOU) funded by Repsol-YPF, KOLMER, OPERON, RYLESA, TECNIMACOR and CETURSA. Leader of “Ramón y Cajal” project (Rationalized design of cationic bituminous emulsions enhanced for road paving-15k€), of two regional research projects (Complex fluids confined at curved interfaces- 196k€ and Design of high-performance non-sticky coatings-44k€) and two MINECO research projects (Design and preparation of Liquid-Repellent Surfaces Operating in Extreme Conditions 108.9 k€ and fabrication of long-lasting low-adhesion metal-based surfaces-82.8k€). H-index 15 (WoS). Co-author of 56 JCR papers and one national patent. Since 2005 supervisor of 9 PhD Thesis (UGR) and 7 MSc Thesis (UGR). Co-organizer of “International Workshop on Bubble and Drop Interfaces” 2007, “Food Colloids 2010” and “International Soft Matter Conference”, 2010.

Supervisor of 6 Bachelor’s thesis (UGR, UCO). Since 1999, teaching activity (~1400h) in more than 6 graduate courses and 2 post-graduate courses (UGR). Participation in 8 teaching innovation projects (UGR). Currently, I am teaching Mechanics and Waves for physicists and Fundamental Physics for Telecommunication Engineering. Co-author of 3 JCR papers on physics teaching and 4 papers in the Revista Española de Física.

For more information on his research projects and publications, please click on the following link http://wpd.ugr.es/~marodri/