Alberto Cazorla Cabrera

Alberto Cazorla Cabrera obtained his PhD in Atmospheric Physics in 2010. He started to work at the Applied Physics Department in 2004. After a postodoctoral position at University of Californa San Diego he came back to the Applied Physics Department.

His teaching activity started in 2008 and, since then, he has been involved in several laboratory classes in physics for several degrees (Architecture, Biology, IT Engineering, Physics). Currently he also teach Energy Management and Renewable Energies in the Environmental Sciences degree. He also teach, since 2012, Instrumentation in Geophysics and Meteorology in the Master of Geophysics and Meteorology. Finally, he was responsible during several years of the Renewable Energies course at Arcadia University.

His main research activity focuses on atmospheric aerosol from the development of new measurements techniques, to the characterization of the optical properties from different approaches (in-situ, airborne, or remote sensing). In the last few years his research has been focused on aerosol-cloud-precipitation interaction, with special emphasis in sensitive climatic regions.