Antolino Gallego Molina

Antolino Gallego, born in Torreperogil in 1967, is Full Professor of the Department of Applied Physics at the Building Engineering School of the University of Granada. He is in charge of the research group “Acoustics and Diagnostics of Materials and Structures”.

He obtained Doctor position by the University of Granada in 1994. He has completed his academic training at the prestigious American universities of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) and Princeton. He has been a visiting professor during two academic years at the Technological Institute of Tokyo (Japan). At the University of Granada he has been a professor of Physics for Mathematics, Physics, Architecture, Chemistry, Computer Science and Building Engineering. He is currently responsible for the subjects of Physics in Building Engineering, where he has designed, founded and directed the laboratories of Physics for Building and Acoustics and Energy in Building.

His main research topics are:

  • Diagnosis of seismic-reinforced concrete structures with energy dampers, tested at the largest seismic table in Spain, belonging to the University of Granada, and of which he is co-director.

  • Assessment of damage to advanced carbon fiber composite materials, applied to the aeronautical industry and to the reinforcement and repair of architectural wood structures.

  • Development of new advanced hybrid products of poplar wood and carbon fiber and basalt, for use in sustainable construction.

He has published the only book in the world in Spanish on the use of the acoustic emission method for structural monitoring. He has over 60 international publications in high-level journals and has supervised 8 doctoral theses and numerous laboratory technicians. He has been responsable of more than 15 national and international research projects, and 10 research contracts with companies.

He is currently the Secretary of the European Acoustic Emission Group and a member of the working group for the elaboration of the European regulation of inspection with acoustic emission of the European Commission of Standardization. He also leads the Euro-Mediterranean initiative Populus-EcoConstrucción for the development of innovative technologies in the poplar sector for the use of its wood in sustainable construction.