Antonio Martín Rodríguez

Antonio Martín Rodríguez is Ph.D. degree in Physics from the University of Granada, Spain. He is member of the Department of Applied Physics of the University of Granada since 1990. Since 2011 he is full professor.

His teaching activity, at the University of Granada, has been related with several subjects, for example: Mechanics and Thermodynamics for the Degree in Chemistry, Experimental Physics, Biophysics and Thermodynamics for the Degree in in Physics, General Physics for the Degree in Building Engineering. Biophysics for the Degree in Biochemistry. He has also taught courses in the Doctorate Course of Applied Physics, the subject New Techniques of Surface Analysis and In the Master of Science and Technology of Colloids and Interfaces, the subject Colloidal Forces.

He was “Visiting Instructor in Bioengineering at the Department of Bioengineering, University of UTAH (U.S.A.)”. Regarding the research activity, the fields on which his work has been mainly focused for 30 years are: colloidal stability, electrokinetic characterization of colloidal particles, adsorption of proteins in water/solid and liquid/liquid interfaces, adsorption of surfactant at water/solid and liquid/liquid interfaces, optimization of the agglutination of complexes latex-immunoprotein, effects of non-ionic and ionic surfactant on colloidal stability of complex systems, as well as synthesis and colloidal characterization of several nano-particles potentially useful for the transport of drugs and genes.

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