Antonio Valenzuela Gutiérrez

Antonio Valenzuela received the M.S. degree in Physics and Space Sciences from the University of Granada. He was selected for an excellence grant from the Andalusian Government to carry out his doctoral thesis on radiative properties and atmospheric aerosol and its effects on the climate. During this pre-doctoral grant, he enjoyed several stays abroad, one of them in the Faculty Physics of the University of Vienna. During his period as researcher he was given: (1) the extraordinary doctoral award from the University of Granada for year 2016, (2) the prize for the best PhD from the RICTA committee for 2014. He has been the coordinator of an educational innovation project at the University of Granada.

He has participated in different postdoctoral contracts under competitive concurrence: (1) Andalusian Government (2013-2015), (2) Grant for further training of doctors of the University of Granada with a stay in Portugal (2015-2016), (3) Marie Curie Individual Fellowship at the University of Bristol (2016-2018). In 2018, I was given the renowned contract, Marie Curie Cofund Athenea 3i, at the University of Granada.

He has been certified as ‘’Profesor contratado doctor’’ by the “Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad y Acreditación” (ANECA). He collaborates with different research groups form Portugal and United Kingdom and has participated in 13 research projects.

Currently, he is involved in characterizing of optical and microphysical properties of the atmospheric aerosol through angular patterns of the radiation dispersed originated either by a set of particles or by individual suspended particles. He has published 28 papers in research journals included in the JCR.SCI index, being the first author in 8 of them and he has and h-index of 13 (SCOPUS) . He has participated in numerous research dissemination activities and he has been reviewer of international projects and prestigious international research journals.