Arturo Gabriel Quirantes Sierra

I´m a tenured teacher (Profesor Titular) at the University of Granada, Spain. My PhD thesis was about the interaction between light and nonspherical particles, with immediate applications on light scattering by atmospheric particles. I have taken part in a total of 18 public- and privately-funded projects in the fields of colloidal particles, magnetic fluids, electrorheological fluids, magnetic colloidal carriers for pharmaceutical applications, nanocomposites, atmospheric aerosols, and aerosol-cloud radiative interactions. My current professional field of interest is in computer simulations of light-scattering properties (FORTRAN). I also have about 42 publications in peer-reviewed publications, have taken part in several international congress and workshops (both as participant and as member of the organizing commitee).

In the field of science outreach (divulgación científica), I have written a total of 17 books on several fields like pseudoscience, the scientific method, the use of movies in Physics teaching, cryptography, astrophysics, and planetary physics. I currently own two blogs (one of them is located in, Spain’s leading blog platform for science outreach). I have ample experience in science popularization, including a Twitter profile (@elprofedefisica) with over 12.500 subscribers. I have been the leader of 7 official Projects of Teaching Innovation (Proyectos de Innovación Docente) at the University of Granada.

I have also followed specialized, official courses in other matters relevant to science, teaching, and science outreach, including: Scientific thinking, Mentoring and Education at the University, Social networks in science, renaissanse culture, mindfulness, and digital capabilities (yeah, I’m that kind of guy)

Más info regarding my scientific and teaching activities here.