Francisco Galisteo González

Chemistry graduate at the University of Granada (1982-1987, UGR). PhD thesis “Protein adsorption onto colloidal models” (1988-1992, UGR). Post-doctoral fellow of the EU Human Capital and Mobility Program (currently Marie Curie Fellowship Program) at the University of Wageningen, The Netherlands (1994-1995). Associate professor (1995-, UGR). Visiting professor at the Basque Country University (2016-2017). Accreditted for Full professor in 2018.

My research topics have been mainly about colloidal models: basic studies regarding their synthesis, characterization and surface protein adsorption, as well as studies about their use in biomedical applications (immunoassays and hydrophobic drugs loading and transport). Since 1990, researcher in many 11 research projects and contracts Leading researcher in 2 Materials National Plan projects and 1 FEDER project. H-index 26. Co-author of 66 JCR papers and one national patent. Supervisor of 4 PhD Thesis (3 UGR, 1 University of Zaragoza). Co-organizer of “4th Liquid Matter Conference” 1999, “Food Colloids 2010” and “International Soft Matter Conference” 2010.

Since 1990, teaching activity (~4300h) in 12 graduate courses and 1 post-graduate courses (UGR). Participation in 6 teaching innovation projects (UGR and UMA). Currently, I am teaching Physics at the Chemistry degree and Bionanotechnology at the Biotechnology degree.