Juan Luis Ortega Vinuesa

Juan Luis Ortega Vinuesa: graduated in Chemical Sciences (Biochemistry) in 1991, and PhD in Physical Sciences in 1995, both degrees obtained in the University of Granada. He is member of the Department of Applied Physics since 1991, with the following positions: FPI fellow (1992-95), Associate Professor type 2 (1995-96), Interim Professor (1998-99), Full Professor (1999 -2016), and University Professor (2016-present).

Regarding the teaching activity, all carried out at the University of Granada, he has taught classes (theory, problems, and/or laboratory practices) in the following Degrees (or former Bachelor Degrees), as well as Doctorate and Masters Courses : In the Degree in Physics: Basic Experimental Techniques (1 year), Experimental Techniques in Physics (Mechanics and Waves) (1 year), Thermodynamics (4 years), Thermodynamics of Non-Equilibrium (6 years), and Biophysics (2 years) . In the Degree in Chemistry: General Physics (3 years), Mechanics and Thermodynamics (3 years), and Extension of Mechanics (10 years). In the Degree in Biology: Physics of Biological Processes (18 years). In the Degree in Chemical Engineering: Thermodynamics of Irreversible Processes (13 years). In the Degree in Biochemistry: Biophysics (7 years). In the Degree in Industrial Electronic Engineering: Mechanics, Waves and Thermodynamics (4 years). Subjects of Free Specific Configuration: Basic Physics, Concepts and Methods (1 year), and Intermolecular and Intersurface Forces (2 years). In the Doctorate Course of Applied Physics, the subject New Techniques of Surface Analysis (1 year). In the Physics Doctorate Course, the Physical subject of the Inferfases (4 years). In the Master of Science and Technology of Colloids and Interfaces, the subject Colloidal Forces (4 years). In the Master in Radiation Physics and Technology, Nanotechnology, Particles and Astrophysics, the subject Interfaces Interactions: Application to Bionanomaterials (2 years). In the Master in Translational Research and Personalized Medicine, the subject Nanotechnology in Translational Research (2 years). The subjects taught by this professor in the present year have been highlighted in bold.

Regarding the research activity, the fields on which his work has been mainly focused for 26 years are: colloidal stability, electrokinetic characterization of colloidal particles, adsorption of proteins in water/solid interfaces, optimization of the agglutination of complexes latex-immunoprotein, effects of ionic specificity (Hofmeister effects) in colloidal systems, as well as synthesis and colloidal characterization of several nano-particles potentially useful for the transport of drugs and genes. For more information about their scientific activity, visit the BIOCOL group (searching through the “author” box).

Finally, he is co-author of a book about science and mountaineering entitled “Los tresmiles de Sierra Nevada y otras excursiones de un día”, published in 2013 by the Editorial University of Granada. ISBN: 8433854682, and ISBN-13: 9788433854681.