María Jesús Esteban Parra

María Jesús Esteban Parra is Associate Professor since 2000. She obtained a Bachelor's degree and PhD in Physics from the University of Granada in 1989 and 1995, respectively.

She has participated regularly in teaching of different Degrees (Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences) since 1991, in several courses of Doctorate program in Physics and Environmental Sciences since 1996, and in the Master in Geophysics and Meteorology, since 2006. Currently she teaches the course of Meteorology and Climatology in the degree of Environmental Sciences and the courses of Analysis and data processing, Climatology and Climate Change and Atmospheric Dynamics in the Master in Geophysics and Meteorology.

Her lines of research have always been linked to climatic variability and climate change, analyzing aspects related to the causal mechanisms of climatic variability in the European region in general and in the Iberian Peninsula (IP) in particular, and to the analysis of projections of climate change for IP. In addition, in recent years much of the work has focused on analyzing the impact of climate variability and climate change in Iberian rivers, through various techniques (statistics and climate and hydrological modeling), studying aspects such as the characterization of drought and other extreme events in conditions of climate change. In recent years, she has extended her research to South America, with contributions to the study of seasonal prediction and climate change in that area. She has been advisor of 6 Ph D theses. She has also been advisors of 38 Master's Thesis. For more information about their research projects and scientific publications, please visit the UGR Research page.