María Luisa Jiménez Olivares

Physics graduate at the University of Granada (1993-1998, UGR). PhD thesis “Dielectric properties of colloidal suspensions. Effect of the particle geometry” (1999-2003, UGR). Postdoctoral fellow at Dipartimento di Chimica, Biochimica e Biotecnologie per la Medicina (2004-2006 University of Milan, Italy). Postodoctoral fellow at Applied Physics department (2006-2008, University of Granada), “Contrato de Incorporación del Plan propio” (2007-2009 “Ramon y Cajal” fellow (2009-2011, University of Granada). Associate Professor (2012-, University of Granada)

My research topics are Non equilibrium properties of nanoparticles suspensions with special interest in the role of the particle geometry, their electrokinetics and electro-optical properties; Application of capacitive methods to renewable energy extraction and desalination. I have participated in 4 national projects, 3 regional projects and two European project (CapMix, FP7 and COST Action D43). Co-author of 3 european patents and 52 JCR papers. H-index 16 (WoS). Supervisor of 2 PhD Thesis (University of Granada) and 3 MSc Thesis (University of Granada).

Supervisor of 3 Bachelor’s thesis (University of Granada). Since 1999, my main teaching activity is Solid State Physics (Degree in Physics), Fluid Mechanics (degree in Electronic and industrial Engineering) and Fundamental Physics (Degree in Physics and Edification).