María Tirado Miranda

María Tirado Miranda is Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Physics of the University of Granada (UGR). She received the Master Degree in Physics and the PhD degree in Physics in this University. When she finished her PhD, she was assistant professor at the applied Physics Department of the University of Extremadura and became Assistant lecturer several months later. In 2004, she started as Assistant Lecturer at the Applied Physics Department of the University of Granada, later became Doctorate Lecturer and is Associate Professor since 2011.

Her teaching career started during his PhD. Since then, she has taught eighteen different courses in nine degrees, encompassing science and engineering undergraduate studies and master degrees at the UGR as well as at the UEx. Currently, she teaches in the Architecture Degree and the Biotechnology Degree. She has been part of several innovation teaching projects and is partner of several papers on teaching Physics.

She is part of the Biocolloid and Fluid Physics Group of the Applied Physics Department at the UGR. Her research focuses on the study of colloidal aggregation processes by means of optical techniques with a strong emphasis on the development of models for the kinetics of aggregates formation in electrostatic aggregation processes and aggregation of superparamagnetic particles. She is co-author of publications in national and international journals, book chapters and contributions to conferences. She has co-directed one doctoral theses and participated in organizing national and international conferences. She has been part of several national and regional research projects.

At present, she is the Academic Secretary at the Applied Physics Department.