Rosario Plaza Aguilera

Rosario Plaza Aguilera holds a Licenciatura (full undergraduate Degree) and a PhD in Physics from the University of Granada, Spain. She is part of the Department of Applied Physics since 1978, where she currently is Senior Lecturer.

At the beginning of her teaching activity she taught different subjects, mainly General Physics, as part of the Degrees in Physics, Geology and Biology. During her teaching career she has taught Physics in various engineering Degrees, particularly in the Ingeniería (full undergraduate Degree) in Computer Science, from the beginning of these studies at the University of Granada in 1986 until 2000, and in the Ingeniería (full undergraduate Degree) in Chemical Engineering, from 2001 until now.

Research in her early years focused mainly in the didactic and teaching aspects of teaching Physics at University level, topic on which she has several publications and has presented papers at different conferences.

Her research is currently devoted to the study of surface thermodynamic, electric and magnetic proprieties of colloidal particles such as the stability of Cobalt Ferrite nanoparticles, of great interest for the fabrication of new magnetic material of micrometric size and reasonable monodispersion; the stability of dispersions of colloidal Nickel Ferrite spheres, with numerous technological applications; surface thermodynamic synthesis and characterization of Hematite/Yttrium Oxide Core-Shell colloidal particles and on the synthesis and characterization of spherical Magnetite/Biodegradable Polymer composite particles, the main interest of which lies in their applications for the technology of magnetic carriers in Medicine and its use as drugs transport under the action of an external magnetic field.