The Laboratory of Mechanics is placed at the first floor of the Physics Building of the Faculty of Sciences. The Laboratory has a capacity of 26 students.

The experimental classes of the following subjects take place in the Laboratory of Mechanics: Mechanics and Waves (2nd year of B. in Physics), Fluid Physics (4th year of B. in Physics), Technical Termosynamics and Fluids (2nd year of B. Degree in Electronic and Industrial Engineering) y Rheology Applied to Industrial Products (4th year of B. Chemical Engineering).



In this Laboratory, you can perform experiments on:

  • Rotating reference systems

  • Central forces

  • Rigid solids

  • Statics

  • Fluid dynamics, viscosimetry

  • Aerodynamicx

  • Oscillations

  • Mechanic waves

May of these experiments use sensors to carry out the data collection and posterior data processing by using computer programs. The material used is from PASCO and PHYWE trademarks.

Working calendar (Access through go.ugr)