Solid State and Physics of Materials laboratory

This lab is used to carry out basic laboratory experiences concerning the structure of matter together with its mechaneic, electric and magnetic properties. The lab is intended to introduce the students to the knowedge of technology aplications. The lab is devoted to ths studensts of teh fourth year of the Bachelor's Degree in Physics, woth a number of around 60 students per year.

The specific laboratory lessons are:

  • X-ray diffration

  • Electron diffraction

  • Field emission microscope

  • Phonons in a crystal lattice. Lab experience using electric analogies.

  • Superconductivity

  • Electric and thermal conductivity of metals.

  • Determination of the germanium forbidden band

  • Hall effect in semiconductors

  • Hall effect in metals

  • Temperature influence on metals conductivity

  • Mechanical properties of materials

  • Policondensation reactions. Synthesis of nylon

  • Processingg of polymeres. Synthesis of styrofoam

  • Forming thermoplastics. Embossing

  • Melting point of binary systems

  • Superconducting ceramics