Telecommunications Laboratory

The teaching laboratory is located at the School of Software Engineering and Telecommunication, on the outdoor module (room B2).

The aims of the Telecommunications laboratory is that the students understand the physics phenomena reproduced with each experience and further, the development of skills in measuring procedures, statistical manipulation of experimental data, group work and technical writing.

Laboratorio Telecomunicaciones

Currently, the laboratory is devoted to practical teaching and learning of the Physics Fundamentals of the Engineering in the degree in Engineering of Technology of Communications. The Physics Fundamentals of the Engineering is a basic subject with six ECTS credits and more than 100 first-year students. The teaching is scheduled for the second semester in 15 attendance hours. Initially, there is an introductory lecture and demonstration of three hours executed by the teacher. Six experiences are available in the laboratory. These experiences are related to the subject program (Dynamics, Oscillations, Waves, Electric field, Magnetic field and Thermodynamics) and they are further synchronized with the schedule of theory teaching. Each experience must be reproduced by the students in two hours. The students are arranged in ten couples per experience. The list of experiences is:

  • 0. Introduction to analysis of experimental data. The simple pendulum
  • 1. Terminal speed of a free-falling light body

  • 2. Measurement of the stiffness of a spring

  • 3. Confined standing waves

  • 4. Cooling law of Newton

  • 5. Magnetic force applied to a conducting bar